OKTA is the Identity Standard

The Okta Identity Cloud is the foundation for secure connections
between people and technology.

We help companies do three things

Modernize IT

Move faster, automate, eliminate friction.

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Build customer experiences

Delight customers with personalized and inherently secure applications.

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Prevent data breaches

Establish people as the new security perimeter.

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Our Products

Single Sign-On

Sign in once to get instant access to all your apps.

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Multi-factor Authentication

Prevent identity attacks with an added level of authentication.

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Lifecycle Management

Automate how people move into, across, and out of your organization.

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Universal Directory

Centrally manage every user, app, device, and API in your organization.

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API Access Management

Grant secure access to your APIs with our powerful policy framework.

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Okta API Products

Build an app with our APIs for user management and authentication.

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