Protect your network infrastructure, data and users from targeted, persistent cyber attacks

FireEye Network Security (NX) solutions protect against known and unknown advanced attacks with the signature-less Multi-Vector Virtual Execution™ (MVX) engine, conventional intrusion prevention system (IPS) and intelligence-driven detection. This enables faster detection, more accurate alerts and reduced noise. Identifying threats traditional security solutions can't allows you to focus on alerts that pose a genuine threat and reduce the operational cost of false positives.

Security professionals know that indiscriminate detection and prevention is not good enough; organizations need to be able to quickly respond to and share information about attacks to prevent serious data loss. And with the add-on Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Intercept appliance, you can increase your visibility into SSL traffic to detect and block encrypted attacks.

The truth is, you need a network security solution that:

  • Detects threats traditional security products from other vendors can’t
  • Reduces noise to optimize your security staff time and effort
  • Continually adapts to the evolving threat landscape
  • Scales and remains flexible as your organization grows



Network Security Power

Enterprise-grade network security platform with contextual intelligence to drive effective triage and response

NX Power is designed for broad visibility across the enterprise and comprehensive protection with integrated security workflow and rich contextual intelligence. NX Power enables you to:

  • Exceed the limited capabilities of sandboxes with the patented MVX engine
  • Understand who’s attacking you and what they’re after with contextual advanced threat intelligence and validated alerts
  • Integrate your security workflow to easily prioritize, analyze and respond to alerts leveraging cloud-based analytics
  • Lower total cost of ownership by reducing overall noise and operational overhead from the time and effort needed to detect and analyze threats

Network Security Essentials

Affordable enterprise-class network protection against advanced attacks without overwhelming your security teams

NX Essentials provides complete protection against both signature-based and advanced attacks for organizations who want to cost-effectively manage risk of a breach. NX Essentials enables you to:

  • Detect known and unknown attacks with the patented MVX engine
  • Protect against advanced threats without falsing, providing you the confidence to deploy inline and block
  • Simplify alert management and improve your security efficiencies with noise reduction capabilities for IPS and riskware
  • Lower total cost of ownership by reducing the time and effort needed to detect and analyze threats
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