Real-time situational awareness and incident response

If your organizations is like most, you have an ever-changing diversity of endpoints connecting to your corporate network – and among them are often non-compliant or rogue devices, over which you have no visibility or control.

IBM BigFix® secures all your endpoints from laptops, desktops and servers to point-of-sale devices, ATMs and kiosks. It allows you to continuously monitor each endpoint for potential threats and enforce compliance with security, regulatory and operational policies. It even works in remote locations with low or no bandwidth.

Now you can protect your network by securing and monitoring every endpoint before, during and after an attack. With IBM BigFix, you get real-time situational awareness and incident response across all endpoints. Because when it comes to protecting your data, minutes matter.

Before: Continuous Monitoring

The best protection against threats is to discover vulnerabilities and secure them before an exploit can inflict damage across your entire network.

BigFix enforces continuous configuration compliance with security and regulatory policies on every endpoint to eliminate configuration drift that can open windows of opportunity for potential attacks. An intelligent agent monitors and reports on the status of every endpoint in real time, identifying vulnerabilities and non-compliance.

During: Threat Protection

Security teams can be overwhelmed by a sea of vulnerabilities–without the contextual data to help them focus their efforts on the weaknesses that are most likely to be exploited.

BigFix seamlessly integrates with the IBM Security portfolio to provide vulnerability assessment and risk prioritization to mitigate potential attacks. It also provides advanced malware protection during zero-day threats. This powerful combination ensures your endpoints are protected while waiting for the appropriate patch to be released by the application vendor.

After: Incident Response

After a threat has been discovered, you need to take remediation action quickly on all vulnerable endpoints.

BigFix includes automatic quarantine actions, so you can isolate non-compliant or infected endpoints and protect against attacks until remediation is complete. Real-time, automated processes can shrink remediation windows from days or weeks to just hours or minutes–helping to quickly disinfect endpoints and ensure ongoing compliance with security and other policies.

Find and fix problems in minutes across all endpoints on and off the network

If your organization is like most, you have a diverse mix of endpoints — desktops, laptops, servers, point-of-sale devices and more—connecting to your corporate network. And only a handful of these endpoints run on the same platform. In fact, it’s commonplace for organizations to have multiple point solutions to perform different tasks on different devices —like asset discovery, patching, software usage and OS deployment.

With IBM BigFix, you can find and fix problems in minutes with real-time visibility and control into all your endpoints. Our single-console, single-agent, single-server architecture helps reduce the cost, risk and effort of managing virtually any mix of endpoints—so you can focus on higher value projects for increased productivity.

Discovery and Patching

Hackers are racing to exploit vulnerabilities before software vendors publish patches and they can be applied. Sometimes it can take IT departments weeks or even months to deploy patches across an entire network. But it doesn't have to.

BigFix discovers and reports on every endpoint with accurate, up-to-the-minute visibility and continuous enforcement of patches from a single management console. It supports over 90 different operating system types and versions, compressing patch cycle times to minutes or hours.

Lifecycle Management

Most organizations have a diverse mix of devices –desktops, laptops, servers, point-of sale devices and more–connecting to their corporate network.

BigFix helps reduce the time, cost and risk of managing virtually any mix of endpoints leveraging out-of-the-box automation scripts. It streamlines asset discovery, software distribution, and power management. It also provides the critical capability to manage and secure servers–whether they're physical, virtual or remotely located.

Software Compliance and Usage

Organizations need a consolidated, holistic view of the software they've deployed to ensure audit compliance while effectively managing overall software expenditures.

BigFix identifies the software that is installed in your organization and how it is being used - improving your audit posture while helping keep your data secure. It discovers all licensed and unlicensed software with in-depth granularity across a myriad of supported operating systems, authors and titles. You can identify the number of licenses owned versus the number of copies deployed -a critical metric that keeps you in compliance while minimizing costs.

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