You Can Only Manage What You Know About

Digital citizens are becoming increasingly aware of today's threats and demanding protection of their personal data. ‚ÄčLegislators are also taking these concerns seriously, enacting new rules and frameworks such as the GDPR and the EU/US Privacy Shield.

Our groundbreaking technology helps us to build incredible solutions. No wonder why Dathena is a Gartner Cool Vendor in Application and Data Security!

In a Nutshell


Compliance: you must classify Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for GDPR and other regulations

Security: DLP policies are organized by classification level

Business: needs to access and share data

Cost: save hard and soft costs on storage, penalties, legal expenses, and reputation


Cost: save hard and soft costs on storage, penalties, legal expenses, and reputation

Keywords: search yields 20-30% accuracy, leaving millions of documents to manually classify

Analytics: i.e., pattern-based classification produces similar results than keywords. Not good enough.

Volume and dispersion: (e.g., cloud) of unstructured and structured data is increasing exponentially


Leverage Artificial Intelligence to:

Automatically and reliably classify data

Detect anomalies related to access control and users at risk

Control risks with notifications and workflows

Manage data by identifying retention and protection regulatory requirements of documents

data governance


Holistic data security & privacy management platform supercharged with A.I.

Take control of your data. Discover, classify and effectively manage your data. Detect anomalies in real-time and predict data and users at risk. Dathena identifies and protects all relevant records from creation through retirement.

Legal & Compliance

Data Privacy Compliance Management can only begin with Smart A.I based discovery

Automated Data Privacy Impact Assessment and exhaustive Register of Purpose of Processing. Dathena provides out-of-the-box regulatory controls to help financial institutions be compliant with GDPR, PDPA, FINMA, HKMA, MAS TRM guidelines and more!

Expedite the investigation process, Data Subject Access Request, avoid litigation and penalties. Dathena helps users comply with laws and regulations with fast and accurate data identification and provides legally defensible evidence.

Security and Compliance

Data Discovery & Protection

Proactive Security with continuous user behaviour analytics powered by A.I.

Protect your data and improve your Data Loss Prevention Policies, monitor the Web, Deep Web and the Dark Web with Dathena Data Loss Web Intelligence. Detect toxic combination of data (e.g. special category of PII - religion, medical records, ethnicity - or simply banking details, credit card, e-banking credential etc.) with predefined or tailored controls and dashboards.

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