Most Advanced, Secure & Automated
Enterprise Digital Rights Management

Your information is all over the place. And the growing use of file sharing and personal devices is making it even more challenging
to secure and control your information. Secure sensitive information wherever it travels.

Granular, Persistent Usage Policies

Wherever Files go, you Remain in Control of Who can Access the File, What They can do, From Where, and for how Long


Flexible Methods for Protecting Files

Files can be Protected as They are Created, or Through Automated Methods


Easily Access Protected Files

Recipients can Access Protected Files on any Device
With Light-Weight Agents or Just a Browser!



Any File Type can be Protected

Whatever Files Need Protecting, Seclore’s Enterprise
Digital Rights Management has you Covered!

Track & Audit File Usage

Make Audits Easy and Intervention Fast With Consolidated Insights on File Usage


Secure File Sharing

Make Files Stored on the Cloud as Secure as Files Stored in Your On-Premise Data Center With Enterprise Digital Rights Management


Secure Data Consumed by Third-Party Applications

Secure Your Data With Persistent Controls and Automatic Expiration

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