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High Quality Multifaceted Threat Coverage

Gathered from a wide network of Internet sensors, Surface & Deep web and Darknet sources, Botnet sinkholes, underground channels, human analysis & proprietary crawling algorithms. Enables protection against:

  • Dynamic threats (APTs, Command and Control servers),
  • Static attack vectors (eg. phishing urls and malicious urls) &
  • Compromised account credentials
Flexible Consumption Model

High-quality threat intelligence that can be easily consumed and integrated with your own workflows and security platforms. Specifically:

  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM).
  • Threat Intelligence Platform products.
  • Security appliances (e.g Application Level Gateways).
Easy to Integrate

MRTI feeds can be ingested and consumed in a matter of minutes:

  • With easy to understand documentation, downloadable code samples and 24x7 developer support
  • Application programming interface (API)-based integration (e.g., JSON/OpenTPX, XML, CSV).
  • Helper libraries to speed up the integration process (e.g., SDKs, bundled scripts, etc.).

Threat Feed Name Description Frequency Format
Infection Records List of newly identified and historical global infections collected by our VirusTracker botnet monitoring technology Real-Time OpenTPX, CSV
Malicious C2 Domains Daily updated blacklist of 100% known C2 command and control botnet servers Real-Time OpenTPX, CSV
Phishing URLs Real-time feed of global phishing URLs Real-Time OpenTPX, XML
Malicious URLs Real-time feed of global malicious URLs Real-Time OpenTPX , XML
New Domain Registrations Aggregated list of TLDs (.com, .net, .info, etc) registered globally in the last 24h Daily OpenTPX , CSV
Compromised Information Monitoring Early warning of compromised Account Credentials (CACs), compromised Credit Card Numbers (CCNs), and/or compromised Social Security Numbers (SSNs) discovered in the wild. Daily OpenTPX , XML
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