The LookingGlass Threat Mitigation product and solution portfolio operationalizes threat intelligence and provides automation to block threats deemed critical.

Threat Mitigation Products

LookingGlass ScoutShield

LookingGlass ScoutShield is a high assurance, automated security appliance purposefully designed to operationalize threat intelligence into an organization’s network.

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LookingGlass NetDefender

LookingGlass NetDefender provides comprehensive traffic management for and delivers the fastest action on threats found by malware sensors in your IT infrastructure.

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LookingGlass DNS Defender

LookingGlass DNS Defender is the active mitigation component of LookingGlass Dynamic Threat Defense, protects both recursive and authoritative DNS servers from protocol-specific and DDoS attacks, and accelerates DNS performance.

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LookingGlass NetSentry

LookingGlass NetSentry offers hyper-accelerated intrusion detection based on SNORT™.

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