LookingGlass offers three distinct tiers of intelligence analyst support services to help you fill the gaps in your threat intelligence operations.

LookingGlass Cyveillance Watch Desk

Despite the tight market for cyber skills, many organizations have skilled and talented analysts on staff. The key is to ensure that those valuable team members are focusing their time on the most critical tasks. Even with the best tools, there is often too much data for analysts to sift through, leaving fewer hours for actual analysis, the heart of their role. The LookingGlass Watch Desk relieves your analysts of much of the vetting process by performing a 24×7 human review of captured material and alerting only items that present a concern. This ensures that your analysts spend their time on the things that matter most.

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Brand Protection / Fraud Detection

In addition to both physical and cyber threats and risks, part of the LookingGlass whole business approach is to go beyond networks, people, and assets to protect your online brand, reputation, trademarks, and revenues. LookingGlass offers a variety of flexible and affordable services to safeguard your business and brands. From detection of phishing sites and unauthorized or fake mobile apps, to domain name issues and online brand abuse and impersonation, LookingGlass analysts discover, report, and remove a wide range of online brand issues quickly and cost effectively.

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Cyber Threat Intelligence Group

Even with LookingGlass analysts vetting and pre-screening intelligence via the Watch Desk, some companies find they still don’t have enough analysts required to address growing threats, as well as their intelligence needs. Whether you need some extra support until your own recruiting and training efforts “catch up,” or you are looking for long-term capabilities, expertise, or language skills, LookingGlass analysts can fill the gap in your intelligence analyst staff. Engagements can be as small as a part-time employee or can encompass an entire multi-lingual team, all of whom are versed in your industry and equipped with the LookingGlass suite of cyber analysis people and tools.

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