Automated Privileged Identity Management
Protect Privileged Identities at Scale Using Continuous Automated Controls

Continuous Discovery

Automatically detect systems, devices, and accounts as they come on and off the network.

Password Management

Continuously change privileged passwords in your cross-platform enterprise.

Account Propagation

Immediately deploy credential updates to all referenced locations throughout network to help prevent service disruptions and application lockouts.

Access Control

Consistently grant (and revoke) audited, time-limited, access to privileged credentials for authorized staff.

Auditing & Alerting

Log all activity and prepare a full data warehouse for auditors.

Programmatic Orchestration

Orchestrate the entire privileged identity management lifecycle via any language or platform.

Automation at Scale

Respond to threats immediately by discovering & changing thousands of passwords per minute.

Ease of Deployment

Configure and deploy on tens of thousands of machines in complex, geographically dispersed environments in days.

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