SolaredINsight goes beyond the concept of Data-Loss-Prevention to capture employee-generated traffic and apply content and behavior analytics to identify insider threat. SolaredINsight creates an interactive dossier on employees and critical data objects to provide investigation team with valuable evidence and give a bigger picture of insider threats.


To control and secure sensitive data, the solution monitors, intercepts, and blocks user communication channels on workstations, as well as audits local and shared folders for freely available confidential data. SolaredINsight ensures total control over employee communications, their activities on workstations, and corporate information flows:

  • Traditional DLP methodology to control information in use, motion, and at rest
  • Traffic interception by a gateway/proxy sniffer, a workstation agent (Windows, Linux), and a file crawler to audit data storages
  • Control over employee communications via email, messengers, social media, websites, and other popular platforms
  • Control over user activities on workstations: copying to removable media, printing, etc.
  • Advanced traffic analysis and filtering technologies for accurate identification of confidential data in any format and early threat detection

SolaredINsight is the market’s only DLP optimized for early detection of corporate fraud and full-fledged investigations. To combat economic crimes at enterprises, SolaredINsight leverages a wide range of special tools, including:

  • A powerful system for intercepting information and monitoring employee activities on workstations in order to reveal abnormal behavior and wrongful acts before those become a real threat
  • A complete archive of employee communications featuring a quick search for breach evidence and full-fledged investigations
  • A toolkit that generates dossiers and maintains them, enabling a company to collect employee details in a single place, define a level of credibility, and profile their behavior
  • An analytical platform for analyzing employee communications, identifying connections, and detecting abnormal behavior
  • Unique interface for prompt situation analysis and quick start of incident investigation
  • Integration with third-party IT systems, such as SIEM, HRM, MDM, and IdM, for obtaining contextual information about employees and incidents
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