Data Classification enables Dynamic
Data-Centric Classification
which enforces Role-based
Access Control Policies on
sensitive information.

Data Classification

Implementing a solid Information Classification Policy (ICP) is the first step to protecting sensitive information, which allows enterprises to set up and enforce an ICP, as it relieves the user from the workload and overhead of having to know, understand and apply corporate policies, while at the same time increasing user and organizational awareness of the value and sensitivity of the data.

Data Classification enables enterprises to classify legacy files, current files and e-mails, via a policy driven and/or user driven fashion (by user override if corporate policy allows it), to significantly reduce liability in the event of breach or exposure, by delivering a comprehensive audit trail for real-time data analysis and data intelligence.

  • Data Classification
    Identify and classify sensitive data via impact free user experience
  • Legacy Data
    Bulk and automatic classification of existing data that resides on the corporate network
  • Data Analytics
    Comprehensive audit trail for forensic analysis, together with enhancing SIEM tools for reporting
  • Loss Prevention
    Applying data-centric policies to files and emails to educate and prevent going against corporate policies
  • Rights Management
    Enforcing role-based access control policies over files, anywhere
  • Mobile Devices
    Support for BYOD and the ability to classify and protect sensitive data on top of MDM

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